Summer Dreams... Despite All the Complications

Hello friends..  In spite of all the dark rumblings in these times we here at Julie Nolan Jewelry are keeping a steady gaze toward a bright spot on the distant horizon.  We've just enjoyed a lovely spring break trek down to St. George Island in Florida to visit our new friend Marilyn Brogan who makes a lovely line of jewelry called Meander Works.  Please have a visit to her website here.  We spent a week on pristine empty beaches contemplating the gentle curve of the earth, the deep blue of the sky, and siting the occasional team of dolphins.  We're on a brisk and steady path of growth and creativity and it's hard not to be anxious for the yield of all tomorrow's harvests, but that season has yet to arrive.  In the meantime we wait.  This week I've decided to forgo the usual blog style in favor of a mixtape to help you all cruise into summer.  Please pay close attention to the 2nd to last song as it's got a special place in my heart.  Paz y Amor!

Listen here: