Julie Nolan Permanent Jewelry

A Memorable Unique Experience!
Book an appointment today for a "permanent" bracelet from Julie Nolan Jewelry in Amherst, MA.  Permanent jewelry is the latest trend in jewelry and JNJ is the only boutique in Western Massachusetts that provides this experience.  The gold chain of choice will be securely welded around your wrist. No more fussing with a clasp on a dainty chain, now you can effortlessly enjoy your bracelet every day!  This experience is perfect for friends, bridal parties, spouses, or those looking for a special everyday piece.
Is it really permanent?
Our high quality 14k gold chains are made to stand the test of time on your wrist.  That said, if you with to remove your permanent bracelet, simply snip it with a pair of scissors.  
Does it hurt? 
No, in the welding process used to apply your bracelet a momentary spark of heat is applied to the bracelet only.  The process is safe and harmless.  Out of an abundance of caution we will protect your skin with a piece of leather and your eyes with high grade sunglasses. 
Do I need an appointment? 
Our permanent jewelry experience is offered by appointment only.  Please click the "book now" link to schedule your appointment time and day.  
Do you weld anklets or necklaces? 
No, we only provide our permanent jewelry service on bracelets. 
What about airport security? 
TSA will not ask you to remove fine jewelry when you go through security screening.  You will be good to go with your permanent bracelet.  
Is this jewelry available in silver? 
Due to the tendency of silver to oxidize over time, it is not a good material for permanent jewelry.  
What if my bracelet breaks or stretches? 
Our chains are selected with a minimalist design to maximize comfort.  If your bracelet breaks we will do our best to repair it for you however, Julie Nolan Jewelry is not liable for lost chains.  A fee of $10 will be applied for all re-welds. 
What if I need to remove my bracelet? 
If you need to remove your bracelet, simply snip it with a pair of scissors.  Please snip the bracelet at the ring that connects the 2 ends of your chain.  We will be glad to re-weld your bracelet for a fee of $10.  

You may be required to remove your permanent jewelry for medical procedures such as X-Rays and MRI's.  Consult your physician to find out if this will be required.  
Can I purchase a permanent bracelet as a gift?  
Yes, simply purchase a gift card for the cost of the bracelet.  
Do you offer a group discount rate? 
Yes, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthdays, you name it!  Just write to us to inquire about group discounts.