About us

Julie Nolan is a jewelry designer/maker who lives in Pelham, MA.  A California native, Julie began making jewelry at the tender age of 6.  Her passion for the art has been a constant in her life.  In 2008, after a 9 month comprehensive course at Studio Jewelers (New York's only jewelry trade school), Julie Nolan Jewelry was born.  Her first business cards were hand-stamped shipping labels proudly bearing the slogan "HAND-MADE IN BROOKLYN".  

Julie's first breakthrough collection was inspired by illustrations of zodiac constellations from a turn-of-the-century Swiss Calendar. By hand drilling the constellations into bracelets and pendants, she created personalized objects that were at once simple and beguiling.  The zodiac constellation collection was picked up by the iconic Catbird Boutique on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg.  This collection was subsequently carried by retail chain Anthropologie, which quickly brought the brand to a new level of notoriety.   

Julie's subsequent collections all tend to blossom from a singular source, usually an organic form: manmade, discarded, or natural. In her latest collection she uses an ancient technique called cold forging to shape the metals into subtly textured designs.  

"I wanted to put my own hand into every single piece, instead of relying on molds or casting.  Each piece is hammered a little differently and is a one-of-a-kind.  My goal is to make objects that you can cherish for a lifetime."

Julie Nolan Jewelry is a husband and wife endeavor.  All materials are sourced in the U.S.  She's been selling online since 2010 and her Etsy store maintains a solid 5 star seller rating.  

For all inquiries, do not hesitate to write:  JulieNolanJewelry@gmail.com