Echoes of Futures and Pasts

We here at Julie Nolan Jewelry are entrenching ever deeper into our own world, looking to old and new friends for inspiration.  In this blog post we'll be sharing a few things that have been inspiring us lately or in some cases perpetually.  

Leonora Carrington was the English born surrealist artist who spent most of her life in Mexico City.  She painted the image at the top of this post.  She's beloved in our home for her delightful and fantastical novel, The Hearing Trumpet.  In her lifetime she defied her parents to pursue the life of as an artist with her lover German surrealist Max Ernst.  Ernst was arrested by the Nazi's for his "degenerate art" and the couple separated and were forced into separate exiles.  Carrington made her home in Mexico City and was a founder of the women's liberation movement in Mexico.  If I ever need an example of a strange and bright light in a dark time I need look no further than any one of Leonora Carrington's paintings.  Here's a link to her official website:

Alejandro Jodorwsky is a Chilean born film maker who has also spent most of his life in Mexico City.  He also rebelled against his parents to become and artist, first as a mime in Paris and later as a film maker in Mexico.  His strange movies El Topo and The Holy Mountain are filled with violent and surreal images that aren't for everyone.   They've been favorites of ours for a long time now and have left quite an impression over the years.  Jodorowsky is a also the proponent of a spiritual system called "Psycho Magic" and his book: The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorvsky is a fantastic read.  It inspired Pete and I to devise our own wedding ritual at the Integratron in Joshua Tree California.  Here's a nice interview with Jodorowsky from the New York Times:  Psycho-Magic

 We've listened to Myriam Gendron's  Not So Deep As a Well more than any other record in the last year.  She sets the words of Dorothy Parker to spare and simple finger picked guitar and the effect is beautiful and stunning.  We were lucky enough to meet Ms. Gendron at our friend Byron's annual summer party last year and she was as warm and friendly in real life as she is on record.  We highly recommend that you pick this one up immediately here:  Feeding Tube

That's all for this post.  Hope this helps float your boat merrily down the stream.  As always, paz y amor!