We've been taking inspiration from ancient civilizations for our latest collection of hoop earrings!  Did you know that hoops date all the way back to the Sumerian age?  They were also popular with the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.  Here are a few images that have inspired us in our latest designs.  


This image from the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Thera is inspiring not only for the early imagery of hoop earrings, but also for the color palette that is inspiring for stone colors that could be used with this collection.  

Not quite hoop earrings, but these are Sumerian stone and shell bead earrings.  Again, this color palette may be referenced for my collection.  These earrings are on our inspiration board.  

I really love these ancient Sumerian hoops not only for their cool design but also for the lunar iconography.  

Click on the picture above to shop our new Emma earrings.  We'll be adding a hoop section to our website shortly!  Special thanks to Violet Ray Nolan for her help on this blog post.  Let us know how you liked it.