Mobiles: A Crucial Part of Your Home's Respiratory System

We've been making mobiles and wall ornaments for a few years now.  At a recent market one of our customers commented that "they're like jewelry for your home!"  Instagrammer @nicolelaemers recently tagged our Pauline Oliveros mobile in the above picture of her living room.  We were delighted to be a part of her thoughtful home design!

Mobiles have always been a must have above a crib in the nursery.  Baby's have an open awareness and egoless consciousness that expands outward into the mysterious movements of a nice kinetic sculpture.  If you take the time to sit down and really take them in, mobiles can have a calming effect on adults as well.  It's considered proper feng shui to have a mobile near the entrance of your home to help direct the flow of energy. 

After making them for a few years I've developed a new appreciation of really nice mobiles. On a recent tour of a beautiful mid-century home in Massachusetts, I was completely blown away by some amazing large-scale kinetic sculptures.  The sky is truly the limit when it comes to mobile design ideas.  An approach to home decor that includes a tasteful collection of kinetic sculptures can start your living environment spinning on a course to uncharted realms, while having a curative effect on the well being of it's inhabitants.  So don't forget to make a space for art that brings your home to life!