Cold forged, Warm heart

Summer is upon us and we've been busy in the studio, working on new collections using techniques and skills acquired this year at workshops with wax carving guru Kate Wolf and the master of diamond setting, Blaine Lewis.  My brain is just brimming with excitement at the endless prospects of all this newfound know-how. 

Today, I wanted to write about one of our top selling pieces, that I designed a few years ago using the ancient technique of cold forging.  Our Nicole bracelet is a perennial top seller.  They're quite popular as bridesmaid's gifts, because they're hand-made and one of a kind with a uniformity of style that lends itself well to a special occasion. 

I wanted to do a collection of cold-forged pieces, because I like the technique and process.  All you need is a hammer and a steel bench block to shape the raw material into something beautiful.  By using this ancient technique, I hoped to imbue each piece with a timeless quality. A collection caught in the slipstream of futures and pasts.  

I named each of these pieces for all of the beautiful women in my family.  A garland of precious metal as an homage to my ancestral heritage.  I hope that you'll find one of these pieces a suitable gift for your loved one.  

For a limited time only, we're offering the Nicole Bracelet at a discounted price of 25% off.  Just enter the code:  ALLJULY at checkout.

Please stay tuned for exciting new developments as we continue to forge ahead to a brighter future with new collections and new techniques.   As always, Paz y Amor.