Happy Birthday Cancers!

Cancer season started last week with the summer solstice.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer a one week 25% discount to all our Cancer friends this month and share some cool Cancer stories and illustrations.  We're always seeking new inspirations for our ideas.  The above and below illustrations are from the Kitab al-Bulhan or Book of Wonders, a medieval arabic manuscript that talks about Astronomy, Astrology, and Divination.  
In greek mythology, Cancer (otherwise known as Crios), was a giant sea crab who was put in charge of protecting Poseidon's daughter's the sea nymphs, while Poseidon hid from Typhon, the god of monsters.  Crios was duped by Vamari the sea squid, who he'd sent to fetch back some runaway sea nymphs.   Vamari ate the escaped nymphs, lied to Crios, and a battle ensued.  Crios was mortally injured, but because he was immortal, could not die.  When Poseidon, returned he relieved Crios of his pain by placing him in the sky as the constellation Cancer.  
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