From Thwarting Evil Spirits to Getting the Party Started, Let's give the Bridesmaids Some Gratitude

The Devin Cold Forged necklace has been a popular Bridesmaid's gift this summer wedding season.  This has piqued my curiosity about the history of the bridesmaid and how the tradition of giving bridesmaids gifts got started.  

In medieval times, large groups of men and women assembled around the bride and groom wearing similar clothing to confuse evil spirits and keep them away from the newlyweds.  The maid of honor carried the brides dowry much like she carries the brides bouquet in modern weddings.  Bridesmaids assembled garlands of flowers and spices to help cover the scent of offensive smelling guests in these dark times.  

In modern times, bridesmaids are called upon to take time out of their busy schedules to help with the planning of wedding parties and receptions.  They're expected to bear the financial burden of buying their dresses, plane tickets, and even the costs of the parties themselves.  It's only right that brides should shower them with gifts as a way of saying thanks for giving so much of themselves to help make their wedding ceremony perfect.