14kt Gold Dipped 1" Zodiac Constellation Locket, All 12 Signs: Aries through Pisces

A locket is a vessel for memory. A locket is a way to never be far from the one you love. During the 17th century, lockets given as gifts were thought to hold a talismanic quality of protection for the one who wore it. Clad in precious metal, etched with the first 3 letters of your star sign (for example, ARI for Aries) the Constellation Locket is the ultimate personalized jewelry. Wear your own star sign, or place a note or a lock of hair from the one you love in the Constellation Locket of their zodiac sign. Effortless and lovely: the breadth of the sky, the quiet of memory, pressed to the privacy of your heart.

The holes in this piece represent the constellation for each sign of the zodiac. The designs in this collection of constellation jewelry were all patterned after a Swiss calendar from the 1900's. 


-1" diameter for locket.

-30" 14kt gold filled chain.

-High polished brass / copper locket, 14kt gold dipped.

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